Little Free Library

Our community Little Free Library is located in front of 1255 Forrestal Avenue.

Today in the United States, more than 30 million adults cannot read or write above a third-grade level. Studies have repeatedly shown that books in the hands of children have a meaningful impact on improving literacy. The more books in or near the home, the more likely a child will learn and love to read. But two out of three children living in poverty have no books to call their own.

Little Free Library book-sharing boxes play an essential role by providing 24/7 access to books and encouraging a love of reading in areas where books are scarce.

Through Little Free Library book exchanges, millions of books are exchanged each year, profoundly increasing access to books for readers of all ages and backgrounds.

Thanks for the overwhelming support for our library. At this time, we kindly request a donation limit of 5 books in our library.

closed brown and gray Little Free Library
Photo by Eliot Peper on Unsplash